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                The Ultimate Stroller Accessory List!
                     Last Updated: 11/08/2007

Browse and enjoy these very cool, universal stroller accessories and parent inventions we've run across, and used, in our strolling adventures. Some are for sale, either here or through Amazon, or try the links to purchase elsewhere. Pimp that stroller!

Note that many of these are available from multiple distributors; we've provided links to a wide variety of websites, to help find other products - surf around the sites you come to!

Shipping: $4.00 for orders under $10.00, $6.00 for orders under $50.00,
Free Shipping for orders over $50.00.

NOTE - as of 8-21-2008, we're suspending sales of products; resumption TBD.

Send us links and brief reviews of more stroller accessories you like, or any other comments/questions (like updates to broken links), so we can add them here to buy or share!

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Sip and Stroll

Fresh Sacks

Snack Sack

Cup Holder, Hooks, Cellphone/Key Holder in One

Found in Australia, brought to the states - freshens dirty smells worldwide! Keep a pack in the stroller.

Little bag to keep Cheerios handy in the stroller.

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Free Sample with Gift Collection!

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Kinesys Performance Sunscreen

Sippy Leash

Stroller Netting

Microspray sunscreen - no rubbing, feels like a puff of air! Great for babies in the stroller.

Corral that Sippy Cup! Another Mom Invention.

Keep the mosquitos and bugs away.

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

My Light


Kid's Mini OwWee Kit

Light that attaches to stroller or anything else, to light up your baby and your walk. jaunts.

Parent-invented washable, drainable nets to keep stuff in.

Easy, convenient first aid gear for kids.

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Teeny Towels

Little Box of Antibacterial wipes

Included with Gift Collection, or buy separately here!

Strolli Rider

Protect a Bub


Now your toddler's riding with the big dogs, and doesn't have to stand!

Really nice sunshade +UV protection, with all-weather and screening options.

Makes holding the bottle easier for you or your baby, in or out of the stroller! Includes stroller attachment.

Buy it Here! Only


Not Yet for Sale

TipeToes Baby Bottle Holder

bebe' tai

Frubi Shades

Another way to makes holding the bottle easier for your baby, in or out of the stroller!

Very fashionable baby carriers (for where the stroller doesn't go!), with padding, leg openings, great fabrics!

Really neat, soft, flexible shades for the kid, laying back in the stroller, lookin' at the sun. Try Fun Flexi Specs from iplay also!

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

The Mommy Hook

Plate Pal

Smart Tag ID

Nice, big, solid hook for your stroller and stuff.

Quick way to attach a plate or bowl to your stroller! (Or anywhere.)

Find your stroller amongst the reptile horde (Chameleons, Frogs, Gekkos, Bugs)

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Minimink Faux Fur Stroller Wrap

Baby-Related Crafts

14k Yellow and Rose Gold Diamond-cut Baby Carriage Charm

Put a big sign up saying "Faux! No tomatoes!"

Don't buy stroller accessories, make 'em yourself!

More a fashion accessory than a stroller accessory, you probably need one to identify yourself as a "Strollerswap Guru".

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Umbrella Holder

Nummy Baby stroller liners and pouch, custom coordinated!

Stroller Safety Flag

Umbrella Holder holds your small umbrellas or parasols over the stroller, presuming you haven't purchased the all-weather stroller raingear.

Another parent, or specifically "Mom-invented" stroller accessory.

This is really useful in parking lots, especially Cosco, we've found. This site also carries reflective and glow-in-the-dark tape.

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

White Eyelet Carriage Pad


Baby Bundler

Perfect thing to dress up your stroller with, particularly if the stroller seat is stained full of mushed cheerios and gushers.

Mom-invented device; probably pretty useful at the picnic or steeplechase, with no highchairs around.

One of a kind baby carrier, easy to store in your stroller's basket.

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale


Maya Wrap

WhyCry Analyzer

Track your miles, in or out of the mall.

Sometimes your stroller simply isn't the right kind of transport, especially where they're banned (like the Baltimore Aquarium!). Keep one in the stroller.

It can tell you exactly why your baby is crying - but it doesn't seem to include the suggestion to "run faster, Mommy!"

Not Yet for Sale

Not Yet for Sale


Light that attaches to stroller for night-time jaunts.


Securely holds sippys and bottles, but with 2 (!) straps for more holding power.

Buggy Books

Cute little books, attachable to your buggy, to read, shake, rattle and roll through the park!

Mutsy Fun Seat

Neat seat that attaches to Mutsy Urban Rider, complete with steering wheel

Stroller Cookie, and other cool stuff from "whatgirlzwant"

Let's see someone make a Bugaboo cookie now...(thanks for the reference, Cool Mom Picks)!

Mother's Third Arm

Looks like sometimes you need a 4th and 5th, too!

BuggyPod Clip-On PushChair Seat

Compare to the Strolli Rider - another way to take care of your toddler, when the baby's settled in.

Litaf Seat 2 Go

Your toddler can ride along, sitting or standing!

Eckert Universal Stroller Parasol

Umbrella that attaches right to the stroller, with UV Protection!

Click 'n Go Stroller Bag

Holds just about everything you need on an outing, with elastic top band and four-point fasteners

Click 'n Go Accessory System

Clips, Cupholder, Bottle Holders, Snack Holder, "S" hooks; you name it, all in one!

Surf N' Turf

Frame and balloon wheels for dealing with stroller on the beach; a bit bulky and complex, but handy especially for the disabled.

Dog Cart

Not recommended for live humans, but perhaps for your pets in their own pet stroller!.

Universal Clevis Pin

Need new wheels for your jogging stroller, but can't get them? We can help, both with the wheels and this handy clevis pin; worked for us. Voids all warranties, of course.

Your recycling tub

Wedge it into/on top of the jogging stroller, fasten with bungee cords, and you've got a beach stuff carrier/portable playpen/pool for the kid! (But somebody's got to carry the kid to the beach). A true parenthack.

Easy Reach Bottle Leash

Parent-invented Bottle/Sippy Leash your child can reach.

Bags on Board

Well, if you're out strolling, and the dog or kid embarrasses you, here's a quick pick-it-up!

Your milk crate

'Nuff said. :)

Fix-a-Flat Bikes Only

No point in not treating your jogging stroller like a bicycle; either you patch the tire yourself, or fix-the-flat while the baby's sleeping.

Stroller Strides Fitness Kit by BOB

Fitness Kit attaches nicely to your BOB stroller; for other strollers, either toss it in the basket, or just use the whole stroller for curls!

Pimp my Stroller T-shirt

From the World-Famous Video, and one sick ride for the lil' peeps. check out a Greeting Card in the same theme.

Kolcraft iBaby with iPod Dok

Well, the accessory is the iPod "dok" (i.e. "holder"), but the stroller's got built-in speakers! Crank up the Wiggles!

Sassy Rock n' Stroll Musical Play Pad Stroller Toy

Stroller Play Pad, as if watching the world go by wasn't entertaining enough!

Looby Loo Little Town Stroller Decoration

Something to hang across the stroller canopy, for your kids to watch, smack, and hopefully not pull down. Comes with fabric clips.

BOB Weather Shield

Weather Shield to make your BOB stroller more contained than a nuclear fallout shelter - perhaps it works on other strollers, too.


Stroller lights outline your stroller for better, safer visibility at night.

Handlebar Tape

Tape to wrap your handlebar(s) with; try Tennis Racquet and hockey/lacrosse stick tape also, can find in any sports store.


Netting to keep the bugs away - we've used this, great product in the backyard. Even better, get Decorated Stroller Nets!

Love Bug

Little device makes the sound of a dragonfly to scare mosquitos away - might as well try it, not much else keeps 'em away, except perhaps Bug Stopper Spray for babies, or Teeny Towels bug repellent wipes.

Click and Go Stroller Light

Strobe Light/Reflector for nighttime strolling.

The Knot Me

Piece of fabric to keep the kid's hair from rubbing, getting knotted, on the back of the stroller/carseat.

Cozy Rosie

Blanket that stays attached to your stroller - early Mom Invention.

Umbrella Stroller Bag

Carry your umbrella stroller in bags like these.

Stroll'r Swivel'rs

Neat Clips to hang stuff - make sure to see the buggy weights, below.

Ray Shade

Those stroller awnings aren't ever big enough to keep out all the sun!

Phil and Ted's Hang Bag

Bag specifically for a P&T's stroller.

Valco Accessories

Various things, including the BEST universal cupholder, a fleece footmuff, storm covers, toddler ride-ons and more!

Skip Hop

Fashionable stroller-attachable bags for everything you need - look good with Dads as well!

Automatic Baby Rocker

Works with all kinds of strollers; shipped from the U.K.

Alcatraz Stroller Lock

Works with various strollers, but only the most expensive deserve it! (Thanks for the update, Daddytypes!)

Stroll-Smart and Freestride

Hands-free connectors for jogging strollers.


Motion-activated, battery-powered lights for the valve stems of your pneumatic tires.


Attachment to allow toddlers to ride along with stroller, standing up.

Skis to attach to your stroller wheels for snow or sand

Stroller Stretcher

An extension handle for strollers, allowing single-hand control.

Stroller Connectors

Make two umbrella strollers one! Great at DisneyWorld.

Carry You Stroller Accessories

Nifty bags and holders made especially for strollers.

Stroll'r Hold'r

Cupholders for your Stroller.


Weights to attach to your stroller's front wheels, so it doesn't tip over backwards with all your shopping bags.

Fake Dirty Diaper

Well, at least we hid this at the bottom...the problem was, "how do you keep your stroller from being stolen at the park?" Place this in a visible location.

This page contains Maclaren stroller accessories, Peg Perego stroller accessories, Bugaboo stroller accessories, Chicco stroller accessories, Graco stroller accessories, Bob stroller accessories and other universal stroller accessories for many other types and sizes of strollers, including double strollers, jogging strollers, umbrella strollers and more!

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